Improved Similac GainSchool for Overall Immmunity

Immunity Beyond the Gut

Your little one may be more prone to common diseases like cough, colds, allergies, and stomach flu. Catching these illnesses keeps her in bed, resulting in less opportunities to learn in school and to explore with her peers. That’s why it’s important to introduce her to more ways to strengthen her immune system.

Through 15 years of extensive research, Abbot Nutrition discovered how HMO or Human Milk Oligosaccharide can boost your child’s immunity.1 This important immunity boosting ingredient keeps her tummy protected, while also giving protection beyond the digestive system for an overall immunity boost.


As HMO is absorbed into your child’s blood stream, it triggers immune cells to release protective factors that strengthen your child’s overall immune system1 and delivers several benefits:

  • Allows her body to fight common diseases
  • Lessens the risk for gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses2
  • Regulates eczema and allergies2
  • Helps prevent infections
Similac GainSchool with HMO - Benefits for Immunity and Learning

Hmo in formula milk

Abbott is the first in the world to introduce Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) in children's growing milk, with 2'FL HMO - a special ingredient that supports the development of a strong immune system now available in Similac GainSchool.

Now you can worry less about your kid becoming sickly and focus more on her faster learning.

For strong immunity and faster learning, give your child Similac GainSchool.

New Similac GainSchool for Strong Immunity and Faster LearningASC Reference Number A046P072318S
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